Erstellt: 16.02.2017

Arriving in Seoul, South Korea coming from Gungzhou, China a few days stay in Seoul were on the cards.  A bus trip to the DMZ was a reminder of the Zonengrenze, albeit this was even more tainted by propaganda from both sides. Whom to believe?? I picked the wrong weekend, it was a long holiday for all South Koreans, so train tickets to Busan were hens'-teeth. I just managed to get the o/night train arriving at a very early time in B. Picking up the bike took a day, after spending the previous one at Customs to 'smooth' my clearance - it did help to an extent. I also had obtained (rip off) the required Yellow Sticker enabling me to actually ride my bike in SK. The final destination was Donghae to catch the ferry to Vladivostok, but I went a rather roundabout route staying o/night on Andong, in the centre of SK, an ancient small city. All-in-all SK didn't quite grab me, perhaps I was too focussed to make a 'real' start in Vladivostok. A 24 hrs ferry ride would soon get me there.

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